Fallout 3 DLC and Construction Set Announced

Fallout 3 DLC and Construction Set Announced

Today, Bethesda announced further additions to Fallout 3, including the previously planned DLC quests, and more importantly to us PC gamers, a construction set, cheekily named the G.E.C.K.

Here’s the official press release.

I myself cannot wait to get my hands on both the DLC and the CS. Operation Anchorage particularly sounds excellent. I think we’ll be enjoying the booming slogans of Liberty Prime for many more weeks to come. The Brotherhood of Steel line, besides allowing you to go on past the main quest, does sound a little cheesy. But I’ve been thinking of setting them right by using the CS to create an Outcasts quest line letting you stick it up to those self-rightious cheesemeisters for some time now.

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