Fan made Opposing Force intro highlights a forgotten classic

Fan made Opposing Force intro highlights a forgotten classic

When you talk to someone about their favourite moments of the Half-Life series, people will often cite the opening tram ride through Black Mesa in the original or the G-Man’s prep talk during the Half-Life 2 opening. There might be some souls who favoured Xen with others who would dig deep into the back catalogue and mention something from Blue Shift. It would be a rare fan indeed who would have a favourite moment from Opposing Force, the first expansion to Valve’s masterpiece, but coming from Gearbox Software. I was a fan of this alternative take on the Black Mesa incident, but YouTuber BAST Brushie is a true fan, having created a reworked introduction for Opposing Force using the latest Source engine tech.

For some, Half-Life is a relic of the 90s, with Steam just a platform to buy games and play Counter-Strike or Dota 2For others though, the Half-Life series still holds a fond place in our hearts and to see someone go to these efforts to show their love for Opposing Force is heartwarming. I think I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane soon enough. If you haven’t checked out Opposing Force yet, you can grab it for £3.99 on Steam right now.

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