Far Cry 3 – All New Trailer

Far Cry 3 – All New Trailer

If I might say so myself, Far Cry 3 is looking quite splendid, and this brand new trailer only goes to show off what is going to be a personal must buy title when it is released this September. This new trailer shows the arrival of leading man Jason Brody to the tropical island that is the setting for the game and his initial interactions with the key antagonist, Vaas. Are you a Far Cry lover or hater?

One thought on “Far Cry 3 – All New Trailer

  1. Still excited by the antagonist and where they’re going thematically, but the way the story is set up leaves me a little cold. Firstly, because it looks like we’ll be saving yet another princess, even if Bowser is a potty mouthed mentalist and the mushroom kingdom is a lush tropical island.

    Secondly, the trailer has that irksome “young frat party discovers horrible situation… on camcorder!” Setup that has featured in a lot of shitty teen horror trailers recently. Now, lame tropes are there for intelligent subversion, but you have to wonder whether it might weaken the story side of things.

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