Far Cry 3’s Opening Act: The Savages Trailer

Far Cry 3’s Opening Act: The Savages Trailer

Poor Jason Brody. He is on the trip of a life-time, jet-skiing and hang-gliding around beautiful tropical islands with girlfriend and best buds when everything goes to hell. Girlfriend and mates kidnapped, with psychotropic drugs flooding his system and manipulating his senses, he has the bad luck to meet lunatics like Buck and Vaas.

Vaas used to be the heir apparent to the island chain’s native tribe, but, when his sister took leadership, he flipped his shit and took off only to fall into the hands of drug-runner major domo Hoyt Volker. Under Volker’s tutelage, Vaas is a psychotic and unpredictable lieutenant with the task of kidnapping and ransoming people like Jason. But I just can’t help but like him.

Vaas may be a (rather well groomed) ‘barbarian’ but Buck is a real savage. He is a killer, through and through. I cannot think when a bad guy in a trailer has made me feel this icky. Just watch:

[youtube id=”MCMZWVNFtlE” width=”600″ height=”350″]

“This lighter really sucks,” hehe.

UbiSoft are strongly emphasising the characterisation of all their villains and co-stars, of which there sure are a lot. If they can keep this up throughout the full game, use the characters to drive the story and throw the right twists, Far Cry 3 could be more than the high-octane shooter Chris reported on previously and be a real heroic-adventure classic.

Far Cry 3 is out on PC, 360 and PS3 on the following dates: EU and Australia – November 29; UK – November 30th; North America December 4th.

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