Farming Gets Simulated – On New-Gen Consoles Too

Farming Gets Simulated – On New-Gen Consoles Too

Nothing can beat a good simulator game, whether it is European Truck Simulator 2 or Train Simulator, there are some gems out there. Admittedly, there is quite a lot of utter garbage around that you have to work you way around as well, but the top tier games in the simulation world are worth checking out. Soon, you will be able to take your simulators to the new-gen consoles with Farming Simulator 15 early next year and take part in 16-player online sessions. How about that?

I think I should mention that there will be a PC release of the new title that will be coming out this October, so please put down your pitchforks before you take someone’s eye out. The upcoming title will have the following new features.

  • graphics and physics engine
  • visual effects
  • interface
  • gameplay mechanics
  • vast game environment

Even better, the new title features logging capabilities as the press release reveals:

You can now manage forested areas in the game environment using a range of new vehicles and machines designed specifically for this activity: harvesters, chain saws, chippers and even trailers.

Have you ever lain awake at night dreaming about a game where Farming Simulator, Train Simulator and European Truck Simulator come together to create one whole, wonderful simulator game? I don’t normally, but I might do tonight…

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