‘Faster Than Light’ Given a Kick-Start

‘Faster Than Light’ Given a Kick-Start


Justin Ma and Matthew Davis, creators of the unique space-roguelike Faster Than Light, have become the most recent developers to benefit from the monumentally successful Kickstarter project. After opening to public support yesterday, the developers have already shattered their modest $10,000 dollar target in little over a day, standing at $34,000 dollars at time of writing.

The fascinating indie project described as ‘Firefly by way of Spelunky’, Faster Than Light features a unique blend of ship management and real time strategic combat. Neatly sidestepping the usual staples of space combat, FTL instead concentrates on crew management. You take responsibility for directing the individual crewmen to maintain and repair systems, and it’s up to you to cope with the inevitable disasters that will ultimately overwhelm your ship.

Whilst Rogue-likes so often dive into the realm of swords and spells fantasy, it is a refreshing change for one to look to the stars for inspiration, and from the success of the Kick-starter, it’s a move that a lot of people are excited about.

Donators to the project will receive concept art, soundtracks and access to the closed-beta when it goes live later in the year. For those still on the fence, people lucky enough to have access to OnLive can try a very early demo of FTL for the next two weeks, completely free of charge.

A recent finalist at the IGF, Faster Than Light has certainly become an interesting contender for my Indie game of 2012, and it will certainly be fascinating to see just how this massive investment will influence its development.

Those interested in finding out more can visit the Kickstarter page here

One thought on “‘Faster Than Light’ Given a Kick-Start

  1. Another Kickstarter success? Always good to see, especially for the smaller indie devs which need the money to fund their development as they don’t get the funding upfront from publishers.


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