FIFA 11 Will Look Good On PC

FIFA 11 Will Look Good On PC

In the annual football battle on the consoles it has been a well established fact that the FIFA series has been trouncing Pro Evolution Soccer. On the PC it is another matter entirely, FIFA has the slightly better gameplay, but has been left with ageing PS2 graphics while PES has had the looks but lacked the gameplay. This year things are changing for FIFA.

After two years in development, the gorgeous FIFA console engine is going to make an appearance on the PC. This means we will get the proper 360° dribbling system and Physical Play which improves the physical fight for the football on the pitch. I don’t know why it has taken so long for the PC version of FIFA to catch up with the next-gen consoles, but it is good news that it has. Executive Producer Kaz Makita seems happy, “The EA SPORTS FIFA franchise is committed to investing and innovating for PC and this is a watershed moment. We are delivering to FIFA 11 PC the high quality gameplay, innovative game modes and stunning graphics that have made FIFA the highest rated sports game on the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360 and winner of over 50 sports game of the year awards”

FIFA 11 will be coming out October 1st.

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