Fights in Tight Spaces – Free Prologue Out Now

Fights in Tight Spaces – Free Prologue Out Now

Fighting, that’s what Fights in Tight Spaces delivers in a stylish and crisp card-battler,  and you can involved with the action as the Prologue for Fights is out now on Steam…for free!

The Prologue provides you with the first mission of the game (including the tutorial), and looks a potentially chunky bit of game for you to get your teeth into. I’ve had a quick blast through the tutorial and first level of the opening mission and I have to say it looks and feels every bit a cool as I was hoping when I first wrote about it back in March. The animation packs a punch, with every hit looking forceful and smart. Combining the smooth animation with the stark colour scheme of red enemies, white backgrounds a black suited Agent of mysterious intelligence agency, Section Eleven.

There are deck-building elements, but in my first fights I got the feeling that your tactics in the turn-based combat count for as much, if not more, than the cards you hold in your deck. My PC has been dormant since I got the PlayStation 5, but this might pull me away. Thinking about the PlayStation 5, I can only imagine how the fights would feel when making use of the haptic feedback with the DualSense.

I’m quietly hoping as I progress there will be a fight set in an ice-rink, as we all know the best fights happen out on the ice.

Check out the official site here.

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