Fights in Tight Spaces – Out Now in Early Access!

Fights in Tight Spaces – Out Now in Early Access!

I’m a big fan of the clean styles of Fights in Tight Spaces, and am really pleased to share the news that this card based fighting simulator has now launched into Early Access on Steam. Hit the break for the low-down of what to expect while Fights is in Early Access and a new trailer.

The team at Ground Shatter are expecting Fights to kick around in Early Access for a little less than a year, with a strong chance of a new character class being added during the journey. Enemies, and bosses will be added in, along with a Daily Play feature for those who love a bit of leaderboard access. I checked the prologue of Fights back in December and had an enjoyable time, especially with the contrast between the blood splatter and clean environments.

We’ll have more coverage of Fights, right here on The Reticule (playing for the cheap pop – Ed) soon enough, but in the meantime you might find our very own Jon streaming some action over on his Twitch channel. Check the Steam page for more details, while you will also be able to find the game on the Epic store, GoG and on Game Preview on the Xbox platforms.

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