Fights in Tight Spaces – release dated, prologue updated

Fights in Tight Spaces – release dated, prologue updated

Stylish card-based fighting game, Fights in Tight Spaces has today been confirmed for an Early Access release date of 24th February, and the free Prologue has also been updated. Exciting times indeed for a game that I’ve long been interested in. With over 20,000 players trying out the Prologue, the team at Groundshelter and Mode 7 Games must be looking forward to seeing the reaction when the Early Access version is available. The game is pretty much feature complete, with the developers expecting about 40-hours of play from the Early Access edition. While the Daily Challenges won’t feature in the Early Access version at launch, the team expect to use their time in Early Access to introduce a new character and further balance the game based on player feedback.

I played the Prologue back in December and was left very impressed with the style of the game, and the action was pretty damn good to. The Prologue has been updated with a refresher UI and replay system to check out all of your best hits. You can find Fights on Steam here, and while you wait for Early Access to launch, you can find the free Prologue right here.

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