Final Fantasy VII PC Materia-lises

Final Fantasy VII PC Materia-lises

After weeks of rumour, speculation and more accurately the uncovering of a Google cache of website pages, today Square-Enix finally officially confirmed the existence of a PC re-release of the iconic Final Fantasy VII by officially launching the website today.

The re-release, which currently doesn’t have a release date or price, will feature some new features such as Cloud Saving, Achievements and a Character Booster – offering players having difficulty the option to “increase their HP, MP and Gil levels to maximum at the touch of a button.” The game originally saw a PC port some months after it’s initial release on the original PlayStation back in 1997, while this new version will exclusively be available from the Square Enix store.

More information, as well as some wallpapers and system specs, can be found on the Final Fantasy VII PC website.

UPDATE: Square Enix have just released a trailer to go with the announcement, find it below:

2 thoughts on “Final Fantasy VII PC Materia-lises

  1. Never played FFVII on the PSX (shoot me please) so I am quite excited to see it getting re-released on PC. Shame it won’t make it to Steam, but we can’t have it all really.

  2. Just got this for PSX after years of wanting to play it (not played it yet though, shoot me also) hope they don’t add anything that will make me HAVE to buy it on PC too haha

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