First Gameplay Action for The Signal from Tölva

First Gameplay Action for The Signal from Tölva

One of my biggest highlights from this years EGX was getting to go hands-on with The Signal from Tölvathe upcoming game from Big Robot Ltd that is due early next year. Why am I writing about it today? The first gameplay trailer has dropped, and it’s got me excited all over again.

It’s nine minutes of in-game action narrated by Jim Rossignol, and I’m so excited by it because I can see the Command Module in action. This is the device that you will be able to use to command the patrolling allied ‘bots that populate the world of Tölva. It is also the device that I purchased during my hands-on with the game at EGX, but ran out of demo time to put into action. So to see Jim seamlessly ordering his ‘bots to follow him around, or explore potentially hazardous areas is the final piece of the gameplay puzzle that I got to play around with in September.

The trailer does a great job of showing off the AI, in a sequence that takes place before Jim grabs the Command Module, he tags some allied ‘bots along with some enemies in a valley below him. After moving into position, Jim takes a few shows at the enemies, which quickly causes things to escalate with his allies joining the action. It’s dynamic and demonstrates a world full of possibilities for wreaking havoc with the faction system.

What is more interesting is the giant metal skull that you can see at the 2 minute mark of the video. It surely indicates that there was once a powerful force inhabiting Tölva, but what has happened to them? As much fun as the dynamic systems and luscious hand-crafted planet will be to mess with and explore, the mystery about what the signal from Tölva, actually is could be the cherry on top of an exquisite game.

Keep an eye on the Big-Robot blog and the official site for more details.

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