First Ten Thoughts on Portal 2

First Ten Thoughts on Portal 2

I’ve been playing a little bit of Portal 2, probably about an hour and a half or so into it, and yes, I am enjoying it. But I bet you want to see my thoughts on the game in a nice little chronological list yes?

First thought – Well, I enjoyed the Cave Johnson videos, didn’t pay any attention to the ARG, not that interested in co-op. Lets get ready to play.
Second thought – Oh good, I don’t need to go through several tedious ‘Installing DirectX’ like boxes for the first time playing via Steam. Those menus look nice.
Third thought – I must say, the Source engine is certainly looking nice and fresh still.
Fourth thought – Hmm it is that comedian dude, he seems ok so far.
Fifth thought – Right, I really need to start ‘Thinking With Portals’ again.
Sixth thought – That Stephen Merchant is starting to grate on me.
Seventh thought – I really must remember to use my Portal brain, maybe putting my Portal t-shirt will help.
Eighth thought – I guess that Stephen Merchant chap isn’t all that bad.
Ninth thought – I’m starting to get the hang of this again. Glad I haven’t seen any cake references despite being implied that I am fat.
Tenth thought – Wow, this game is shaping up to be good.

Before you shout out that I only thought ten different things in all the time I have played so far, please be aware that this is a condensed list.

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