Football Manager 2020 – Welcome to the Cymru Leagues!

Football Manager 2020 – Welcome to the Cymru Leagues!

There’s a new Football Manager due for full release in a little over a week, but of course anyone who pre-ordered will already have access to the Beta on Steam. I’ve been trying my hand at the new version, there’s lots of things which look good. But the most important for me is the expanded Cymru Leagues (Welsh Leagues for you everyday folk).

Most of my time in Football Manager is spent with clubs such as The New Saints and hometown club, Cardiff Metropolitan University. I always have fun, but without any leagues below the old Welsh Premier, there wasn’t the depth I craved.

However, following the restructuring of the Welsh pyramid and associated rebranding, the Cymru Leagues are now present and correct in Football Manager. That means you have the Cymru Premier, along with Cymru North and Cymru South sitting below the top division. All the teams are there, and as you can probably tell from my video walkthrough of the leagues, I’m very pleased about this development.

There’s no doubting that Welsh football is at the bottom of the football land in Britain, with the Irish leagues getting more exposure on a regular basis, with thanks to their clubs recently appearing in Europa League group stages. Welsh football has been performing better in Europe in recent seasons, and the Cymru Premier is becoming ever more competitive thanks to the resurgence of Barry and consistent performers elsewhere. It’s true though that TV coverage is minimal, and mainstream press coverage doesn’t exist beyond coverage of Cardiff Met’s European adventures this season, and that’s largely because they’re students.

All this means that a big round of applause goes out to Matthew Burgess who is the new Head Researcher for Wales for Football Manager. It must have been tireless work for him to collate as much information as has on the teams below the Cymru Premier, and he has a must-read blog about his adventures in this role. I’m looking forward to the final data updates that will come with the final release next week and getting stuck into a proper career.

Cymru am byth!

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