Football Manager Dominates Charts

Football Manager Dominates Charts

Who would have thought that a simple PC game like Football Manager 2011 could dominate the multi-format charts after only being released on Friday? It is a game which always sells fantastically well, but to beat out titles like FIFA 11 and Fable III is quite something.

According to PC Gamer the sales of Football Manager on its first weekend (it was released Friday) beat the opening sales of PES 2011, a massive multi-format footie game.

This just goes to show that PC games do sell, and that they can sell very well. Indeed Starcraft II sold three million copies in its first month on sale. Of course Football Manager will be knocked off the top spot next week after the massive release of Black Ops tomorrow, but it is still a heat-warming moment to see such a traditional PC game like Football Manager top the multi-format charts after only a handful of days on sale.

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