For The King Expands Today

For The King Expands Today

When I read a press release with a subject title starting “Celebrated’ I tend to roll my eyes. When it’s regarding For the King though, a smile comes to my face as it actually is celebrated. I wrote back in May 2019 that the Switch release “brought new life to what is a gem of an RPG“, and I am very pleased to read that the game now has over 3 million players across the numerous platforms it released on, success which has brought about an expansion which releases today on PC.

The new adventure, entitled Lost Civilization is available for just £4.99 / $5.99 / €5.99, a veritable bargain to get yours hands on more content for For the King. It brings with it a new jungle themed zone, two new playable characters in the Gladiator and Astronomer along with much more.

Of course, to go along with the inevitable new weapons, and enemies to bash them with, there is a new game mode too. The Arena Battles take inspiration from the new Gladiator glass and will see you taking on waves of enemies before an audience which may, or may not, be baying for blood. There’s no sign just yet on whether the expansion will be coming to the consoles anytime soon, but seeing this news about a game which I was first enraptured with at EGX in 2018 means I might have to pick it up on my Switch once more.

If you want to find out more about For the King, be sure to check out the Steam page.

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