Free Indie Game Quick Hits #1

Free Indie Game Quick Hits #1

It’s late on a Thursday evening and everyone is probably looking for some quick games to hit to pass the time until the weekend eventually comes. If you hit the jump, I have two very different, yet both very quirky indie games which are worth a quick blast.


The first is called Grindstar and can be played here on Newgrounds. It is made by C.Y. Reid, the man behind Hug Marine which I so enjoyed last year. Grindstar was released last year, but I filed it away in my ‘Things to play’ pile and was lost until tonight. It takes a fun little pop at the RPG’s which require intensive grinding to make any substantial progress, there is a cheat on how to make quick progress in the author’s comments on the Newgrounds page. The music is very funky too I might add.

If you manage to grind your way to completion of Grindstar, you can try something completely different with CRYWANKFACE from Craig Lager and Joe Martin. You control a lonely soul by moving your mouse to make him wank, and hitting every changing letters on your keyboard to start him crying then hitting himself in the face. I’m not sure what else to say except that it might not really be safe for work and that it is certainly unique. Strangely compelling though…


I’ll be back again in the indeterminate future with another Free Indie Game Quick Hits.

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