Free Indie Game Quick Hits #3

Free Indie Game Quick Hits #3

We often get indie developers sending us links to their free games or press releases, but so often our daily lives get in the way of us looking at them. Tonight though, I have been able to take a quick look at Last Jungle In Sector 17 of which the prototype can be played here. Further down the line I wouldn’t be able to feature this on my Free Indie Game Quick Hits as it is on Greenlight and has a Kickstarter, but the demo is worth a quick play around with as it is.


It is a top-down tower defence space shooter. You control your little craft defending your space station from marauding enemies of which there are a few varieties in the little demo. There are standard enemies, very fast bad guys, a ship type that can quickly teleport and a heavily armoured ship, all trying to take you down in different waves of attack. You earn credits for each kill which you can spend on turrets or allied ships. In its present form it is a worth taking a few moments to have a bit of space warfare. Even if you don’t go down the route of Kickstarting it, give it five minutes of your time.

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