Free, pretty, in HD, Braid

Free, pretty, in HD, Braid

Noo, not ze game you zilly boy, ze art! Ze art!
Buzzword, buzzword.

Buzzword. Buzzword buzzword buzzword?

I figure “Braid” qualifies easily, and with good reasons – one of them surely being the brilliant artwork. Which has now, indeed, been released for free by the artist David Hellman. Notice that this decision was made just a few days after the PC release, while Xboxers got nothing. This clearly demonstrates that the PC is superior. And that Jonathan Blow / David Hellman are awesome.

2 thoughts on “Free, pretty, in HD, Braid

  1. Nice tip! Thank you!

    Could anyone other than a content provider who doesn’t want anyone else touching his work think a closed system would ever be superior to an open one? Pfffft.

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