Freebooter Kickstarter Announced

Freebooter Kickstarter Announced

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Federation Against Copyright Theft, it’s that piracy is bad. I’d never steal a car or snatch a handbag, but despite the valiant efforts of this organisation, I still can’t help but see pictures of cutlass-wielding, beard-growing ruffians and think about how much fun a career in piracy actually looks.

This week, Tribunal Games has just set sail on Kickstarter with its piratical game Freebooter. Sail your blocky ship across a procedurally generated archipelago to trade (or plunder) your way to nautical success. The team are promising a fully simulated economy with true supply and demand for resources, but ultimately they are going to leave it up to you whether you want to sail the straight and narrow or roll out the nines and sink the competition in the more literal sense.

The small team of three are asking for a modest $50,000 to develop Freebooter and I sincerely hope they get it. With modest objectives and a somewhat familiar graphical style, it could be easy for this one to slip under the radar, but I don’t care what FACT has to say, pirates are awesome.

Back in February, PC Gamer’s Marsh Davies conducted an interview with the Freebooter team. It’s well worth a read for anyone interested in the direction the wind is blowing for this small indie team, and you can find it here.

For the Freebooter Kickstarter and further information, please click yarrr.


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