GameTrailers Debut Bioshock 2 Footage

GameTrailers Debut Bioshock 2 Footage


GameTrailers have two minutes of Bioshock 2 footage, you can find the video after the cut. You can see the Big Sister antagonist, some splicers and a brief bit of under water action. I like the look of it, do you?

7 thoughts on “GameTrailers Debut Bioshock 2 Footage

  1. That looks good. It seems since your a big daddy now a lot of your normal weapons are now one shot kills. That may be fun.

  2. I disagree with lambo, as i remeber the constant augmentation and just the weapons were the things i would’ve wanted to return in this. I don’t give much about the plasmids, just spells with a fancy name and the whole adam and eve (mana) thing (which still was awesome), but just the story itself, the story of rapture, is so incredibly epic, that i will definetly plow through this game to the end. I am so hoping they won’t let us down on this one. I wonder if you can fight when in Scuba-Daddy

  3. You make good points there tankenstein but I’m merely saying that having regular enemies that you automatically wipe the floor with is no bad thing. There will obviously be progression with the plasmids and your weapons (Big drill ON FIRE! like obv) and there will most likely be stronger enemies to use them on. All I’m saying is having token enemies at most parts of the game whose only purpose is to make you feel cool and powerful is no bad thing. I just wish more games did it (particularly mmo’s). And yes the story IS the basis of the game, or is at least what people mostly remember it for.

  4. Pretty sure there are no enemy encounters when in Scuba mode, read it somewhere recently. Well, no un-scripted enemies, may well be some cool scripted thing. I think that is good though, nice calm exploration!

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