Garden Simulator – The Verdict

Garden Simulator – The Verdict

There are many simulation games out there nowadays though I doubt many quite like Garden Simulator. For the most part most other simulator games are actually pretty decent when you scratch the surface. Scratch the surface on this though and all you find is weeds.

It is a buggy game, several times it either crashed to desktop or got stuck on a loading screen and the small things like watching you lawn mower start mowing your neighbour’s lawn despite the fence between theirs and yours, things like this just make a poor game worse.

Now I am not one of these people which thinks that every single game needs to have the graphics of a AAA blockbuster title, far from it, I can appreciate games which put more effort into ensuring what you actually do in the game is really great rather than just lavishing special effects all over the place. However, when a game looks as ugly as Garden Simulator and the game itself is boring as sin, well things simply aren’t looking too rosy.

Your job is to look after your garden by clearing the weeds, mowing the lawn and planting various vegetables, fruit trees and flowers. It doesn’t sounds inspiring, and it really isn’t. The gardening n Viva Piñata is much more rewarding, money slowly dripping into your account when you harvest your vegetables all so you can buy a garden gnome to brighten up your plot of land.

If you want to play at gardening go outside and get your hands dirty, Garden Simulator just isn’t worth your time.

Just go outside.

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