Giant Cop Coming to HTC Vive this Year – Pre-Order via Humble Bundle Now

Giant Cop Coming to HTC Vive this Year – Pre-Order via Humble Bundle Now

I should have realised after playing Giant Cop (official site) at EGX last year that it would make for a perfect VR game – it has all the elements that would work. You are Giant Cop (who is, a giant cop) who reaches down into Micro City and flings around bad guys and keeps the citizens safe.  So, after thinking about the game which I enjoyed so much during my drive home today (I wanted to throw the traffic out of my way see), I turned to Google to find out the latest, and I soon learned that Giant Cop is coming to the HTC Vive.

You play as a giant cop where you patrol the city and arrest the bad guys! Although our artist was more interested in destroying the city than protecting it. Give us your ideas! We will look at putting them in the game.

This little Gif was the first sign that it has turned into a VR game since I saw it being demo’d last year, and then there was the below video which confirms in the description that Giant Cop is indeed, coming to the HTC Vive (and presumably other VR systems) this year.

I’m sincerely hoping it will still be coming out for those of us who aren’t rushing out to embrace VR, but I can fully understand why the developers at Other Ocean Interactive are making it for VR. The ability to actually reach down into Micro City with your hands and pick up the bad guys and plonk them in jail, or flick polluting cars in the lock-up will just be such a natural thing to do. I’m not saying that Giant Cop by itself is going to convince me to fork out the fortune required for a Vive, but for those who are getting into the VR world, this is definitely something to check out.

Giant Cop VR

What’s more, it is right now available to pre-order as part of the MIX Digital Preview Ticket Humble Bundle (Bundle expires Friday 18th March), and it has the honour of being the first VR developed game to appear in a Humble Bundle!

Check it out on the official website and let us know what you think about being a virtual Giant Cop below.

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