Gobbo Katapult!

Gobbo Katapult!

Is there any better critique of the violence in sports than this?

What with the moderate success of WAR, and the big success of Dawn of War, it’s kind of cool to like Games Workshop again (not to imply I live my life by trends. That’d be ridiculous, and shallow. Don’t you think? Please agree with me!), and thus the upcoming Blood Bowl game is looking suitably awesome. There was always a much more lighthearted tone to Blood Bowl than the rest of the Games Workshop games, in that the sole purpose of playing wasn’t entirely about killing each other, instead about scoring with the ball and killing each other.

Cyanide (who are developing the game) have released a goblin-centric little video, showing off the brutality and batshit crazy nature of the game, both of which seem to be accomplished rather well. I for one hope that the final troll throw will be in the final game. Even if it’s hopelessly in accurate, it’ll be hilarious. Here’s the video:

Blood Bowl is hopefully coming out in the ‘next quarter’, which means probably near June-ish.

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