Going Back To Old Games

Going Back To Old Games


I have a problem, I will admit it right here, right now. I am likely to stop playing a game half-way through if I get a something new to play with, if I get a bit bored I will often leave a game where it is. This is a problem as it means that I have not completed a vast number of games that I own. I recently have been going back through some old games, and if you do so too, I think you will find it is an extremely rewarding thing to do.

You see, I went back to Race Driver: GRID recently, I was in a mood for doing some racing (and crashing), and that was the first game that came to hand. I have issues with GRID, namely the fact that I can’t stand half of the Japanese and American races. For that reasons I stopped playing the game only a month or two after I got it. So I went back to it, and I won a couple of races in the first American tier of races, and then I became aware of something. There was something else in the game, there was one more tier of races that I did not realise were present.

Imagine that, going back to a game thinking that you had done everything you wanted in it, only to find out that you were missing out on a whole new section entirely. It would be like someone playing GTA III and not doing any of the side missions or collecting any hidden pacakges. If they went back and just played a little more, what would they find that they had missed.

My experience with GRID led me to do something else, I picked up Colin McRae: DiRT and learnt to love that game all over again. I always enjoyed DiRT, but it was only by going back to GRID that I realised that I missed out on some amazing off road action.

I am now looking for the chance to pick up Hitman: Blood Money again and actually play that through to completion. Whenever I have played it in the past I always seem to reach the same level, time and time again…and don’t complete it. It is a sad state of affairs, and one that I hope to rectify soon.

In closing, I implore of you, each and every one of you, to go through your gaming back catalogue and see what gems you have left behind. After Christmas I am sure that you will have a whole new bundle of games, and if you aren’t careful you may leave some classic games half finished. If you just take five minutes to go back to an old game, you may just rediscover something you never noticed before, find the joy in a certain game again, or even the will to actually finish the game.

You never know what you may be missing out on.

12 thoughts on “Going Back To Old Games

  1. These words have not fallen upon deaf ears, brother. They’ve inspired me to return to the wastes and find Dogmeat – where could he be?

  2. I actually went back and played the last two levels on Blood Money the week before Christmas. I’d been stuck on the penultimate level my first run through, but I managed to beat it and win the game. The last level is worth the effort, I think.

    Still needing to be done: The Longest Journey, Half-Life 1, and, to my eternal shame, Planescape. I’ve made three runs on the latter, but life always seems to drag me away at the end of the first third. Maybe it’s time to try again.

  3. You haven’t completed the original Half-Life? What is this madness?! You must go back and complete that game, it is a classic. The other two would be worth completing as well ;)

  4. I have plenty of games that I just sort of stopped playing for no particular reason. Often, I was really enjoying them, but something else came along and they were neglected.

    Half-Life 1 is a major bugbear for me. I played right up until the final boss battle many years ago, then gave up in digust. Tried playing it again some time later, and got caught by the infamous ‘lift bug.’ Recently downloaded it during Steam’s $0.98 promotion. Will I finish it? Hope so. Will I enjoy it? Hmm, not so sure.

  5. I am also planning on going through most of my unfinished games over the next couple of months and giving them the tender love they are due.

    Last year, I finally went back to Dune II – which I’d stopped playing for some reason, in about 1993. It was worth it – Old but still great.

  6. That lift bug, yeah I remember that. That caused me to stop playing it on the PC for quite a while at one point, I lent my disc to a friend but never got it back. Was the lift bug something to do with having the disc in the drive?

    I’ve only actually completed the first game on the PS2, I got to the final boss sometime after I had the lift bug (bought another copy of the game) but couldn’t get around to killing it :(

  7. Hehe, our problems sound very similar. I’m also onto my third copy of the game. Surely I can finish it this time? Hope you’re right about the cause of the bug – That means the Steam version should be immune to it… hopefully…

  8. If that was the cause of the problem, then I am sure that the Steam version will be fine. I have never had any problems with the Steam version of the original game.

    If I take into account all the different versions of the game I think I have bought or been given access to…I have had 4 or maybe 5 copies of the game :D

  9. I have the opposite problem. I go back to a game, hoping to find something new, only to realise I cant be arsed to do the same things again, since generally I remember everything that happened in a game even if it’s years since I played it :P

    Case example: Starcraft. I’ve started playing through it again lately among other things, and I’m struggling particularly because I could probably quote half the mission briefings, or tell you exactly what wierd little surprises the game’s going to give you mid level. Damn my superior long term memory!

    There’s exceptions though. The X-Com games are infinitely replayable, as is the Total War series.

  10. I also go back to games I haven’t finished periodically. I enjoy it. I have plenty on my list at the moment.

    Lost: Via Domus
    King King
    GTA IV
    Ninja Gaiden II
    Condemned 2

    And the one that I WILL complete one day, Oblivion. I have over 100 hours logged into Oblivion and I still haven’t finished the main quest!!!!

  11. 1) Famously, Gillen hasn’t completed Half-Life 1 either.

    2) In which level of Blood Money were you stuck?

    3) I have both problems: Unfinished games & Sponge’s Going back to finished games. Two cases in point: Mafia and Deus Ex. Both games are my all-time favorites, with DE possibly trumping Mafia just a little bit. However, I find replaying DE an extremely tedious thing, it’s not worth it at all – even though the RPG elements would make you think it is. Similarly strangely, despite Mafia being perhaps the most story-driven game I’ve ever played, it’s still fun to go back once a year or so.

  12. 1) Haha I know that Myth, kinda crazy :D

    2) I can’t remember the exact details, I wasn’t stuck per se, just other things always seemed to get in the way at the time. Target was in a small residential house on a little street, think there was an ice cream van or something around there.

    3) Got to get playing Mafia some more!

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