Going Deeper Underground – London Underground Simulator

Going Deeper Underground – London Underground Simulator

The London Underground holds a special place in the hearts of many, admittedly I am sure there are those who hate it, but there are a select few who doubtless have a deep fascination with it. As a non-Londoner, I don’t really have much of a fascination with it, but that just might change thanks to London Underground Simulator – The Circle Line.

London Underground Simulator was released directly from the developers in May, but it is getting a UK retail release on the 16th September thanks to Excalibur Publishing. The London edition of the game is the third in the series after the New York Underground and the Berlin Underground were previously covered. Sadly, these games, and the London version, don’t grant you access to the full network, the London edition will limit your adventures to the Circle Line, but this does give 27km of track and 35 stations to explore.

The amazing thing is that you can walk around the entirety of your train as well as all of the 35 stations that are featured. Take a look at this video and you will see that it is really quite a lovely looking game.

If you hate the Underground, this video may be of more interest.

2 thoughts on “Going Deeper Underground – London Underground Simulator

  1. By itself, that seems extremely dull. But take all the data they have and build it into a wider open world game based on London, and it would be mighty impressive. GTA: London perhaps.

    1. Oh I agree, while the developers clearly aren’t going to make that type of game, it does open your eyes to what might be possible. GTA: London with a proper real world map would be immense.

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