Grand Theft Auto V in First-Person – Oh My!

Grand Theft Auto V in First-Person – Oh My!

I though that Grand Theft Auto V was a masterpiece on the old-gen machines, and it is only a couple of weeks until we get to experience the splendour of the game on the new consoles (the PC version will see light of day next year).

There are numerous improvements that are incoming with the new version, but perhaps the biggest addition is that of the new first-person mode. A sexy video can be found after the break.

Before even getting to the new first-person perspective, let me highlight some of the other improvements that will be incoming:

  • New weapons, vehicles and activities
  • Improved traffic along with updated damage and weather effects
  • More wildlife and a heavy updated foliage system
  • 100 new songs on the in-game radio stations

The new first-person perspective, which I must say looks absolutely to die for in any of the vehicles and during the mission with the taser, has seen Rockstar create new cover and targeting systems as well as more traditional take on FPS controls. This is before mentioning the thousands of new animations that are required. Using your mobile in the first-person view? Yes please! Even better, if you don’t like the first-person view at any point, you can return to normal third-person action at the touch of a button.

I played, but didn’t complete the game on the Xbox 360. I can’t wait to take another crack on the PlayStation 4, I don’t think I can wait for the PC release. Anyone else returning?

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