Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone

It's all 50s Spy Chic from here on in.

I’ve just had a quick play through of a rather interesting game. It’s called Gravity Bone, and it’s a very short (two levels) game based on the Quake 2 engine (which isn’t required to play) and focusing on espionage. It uses a brilliantly cubist style that makes up for what the engine can’t handle, and at the same time makes it seem like one big advert from the 50s. It’s kind of how TF2 would look if Valve had gone the whole way. It’s a bit crazy, and I’ve never seen anyone get that… violent over a few pictures.

It’s really rather brilliantly made. There’s no start up screen; it throws you straight into the game. The controls are what you’d expect, but in case you are new to games, they’re shown on some wonderful little in-game adverts. There are two levels, each with a rather simple objective, and involve little effort. The second level is by far the longer of the two, and involves some semi-tricky platforming, but apart from that it’s just interesting to play and experience it. You can download it here. If you do grab it, let us know what you think below.

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    Anyway. That game is awesome. I love the style. That ending is lovely. Reminds me of Call of Duty 4, but then with more style.

  2. i’ve been into indie and open-source games for a while now, and even though this game is significantly shorter that(lets be honest) ANY other indie and\or open-source FPS, it has this unique feeling that never goes away no matter how many times i play it. Gravity Bone feels more like a work of art rather than a game(yes, i know it’s CHEEESY). for one thing, the fact that you don’t actually have to shoot anyone makes the game stand out, even though there are (since not long ago) many FPS games without actual weapons. the block heads(despite everyones warm reception) are cute, but are not a new addition to gaming(used earlier in Blockland)

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