Great Music, Not so Great Dancing in Latest Beatbuddy Video Blog

Great Music, Not so Great Dancing in Latest Beatbuddy Video Blog

I think that I’ve already established that Beatbuddy has caught my eye thanks to the brilliant fusion between the music and the gameplay. I have to say that the game really wouldn’t work without the awesome beats of the songs that have been written for the game with some of the music coming from Austin Wintory who composed tracks for Journey and Monaco. The latest video blog from the team at THREAKS features Austin and some other great tunes, along with some slightly disturbing German dancing.

I have just had a quick dabble in the preview build I’ve got and it reminded me of why I am so excited for this game and why I want my very own Beatbuddy, not just one in the game. I have found myself stuck in the second level of the preview build though, it requires turning some bounce pads and timing your launch into them correctly. It just isn’t working for me right now, but I don’t mind just sending Beatbuddy floating around the level at times listening to the music. Roll on August 6th when I get to play the whole thing.

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