Greenlight Watch list – Help Get ‘Black Mesa’ Onto Steam

Greenlight Watch list – Help Get ‘Black Mesa’ Onto Steam

Black Mesa, for those who are unaware, is a fan made third party mod that aims to overhaul Valve’s original Half Life game. The 40 man development team say they wish to “create a more engrossing in-game world with more varied, complex environments and more challenging, realistic gameplay”. But Black Mesa is not just a mod for Half Life it’s a total recreation of the game using Valve’s very own Source engine, which makes it even more of an accomplishment and even more amazing when you see the final results.

Black Mesa has been in development for some eight years now and has made various headlines in UK publications and on the internet. On September 2nd lead developer ‘cman2k’ announced via the community forums that all the work they had been doing up until this point would be available to download, for free from September 14th onwards. This may only be just over half of the total game but after eight years of development maybe they felt pressure to show some of their progress. In it’s current form every level up to Lambda Core is available to play in the mod, leaving Xen and onwards to be completed by the team at a later date. Sharing some of the original members of Half Life’s very own development team, expect target dates for release to be missed by a good few years as is the Valve way.

Black Mesa has been entered onto Valve’s Greenlight process and has so far received 17% of the votes needed for it to be released on Steam. Doing this would give the voluntary development team behind this the real recognition they deserve and show true reward for all the hard work they have put into the mod thus far. Take a look at the official trailer linked below and I’m sure you’ll be impressed. Also if you have a valid Steam account the link to help vote Black Mesa onto Steam is here.

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