Gun Monkeys – The Verdict

Gun Monkeys – The Verdict

Have you ever had a game tutorial where a mysterious, yet lovely English voice talks you through the basics of a game where monkeys are sent to a battle to the bitter end? If you haven’t, well you need to get your priorities straight and get playing Gun Monkeys, a gruesomely-awesome game of monkey violence.

The tutorial in Gun Monkeys is voiced by British actor Kevin Eldon who also gets involved with some voice overs during your matches as well. Going through the short but sweet tutorial you learn that the monkeys you control have been sent back in time to gather power cores to provide energy in the future world. The key thing though is to learn how to jump around and climb walls with your furry friend while picking up the power cores and ever bigger weapons to cause carnage with.

Matches are short, sharp and very wild affairs with buckets of blood and explosions lighting things up left right and centre. Movement is slick with you monkey willing to jump great heights, fall great distances, climb ladders and grab mystery boxes filled with power-ups or new weapons. It all takes place within procedurally generated levels so you won’t be able to plan routes for where the power cores or mystery boxes will land, but it all adds to the fun and fast-paced action. All matches are one-on-one affairs and it can get pretty wild as you can instantly challenge your opponent to a rematch to win back the cash they take from you when you lose a match.

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Outside of the matches you can customise the colour of your team and purchase various perks with your winnings which will provide bonus damage to a weapon or increase the likelihood of gaining a power-up rather than a weapon from the mystery box.

A word of warning is needed though, while the game is great fun, it is often very quiet on the servers. When you find someone to play with you can have a great set of matches, but often I head on and there isn’t anyone to play with. You can play locally, but it is a bit of a challenge to control two monkeys effectively on one keyboard with my two hands. It is still fun though which is the underlying message about Gun Monkeys. For only ¬£3.99 you get a brilliant piece of one-on-one deathmatch multiplayer action along with a second copy to gift to a friend. I’ve had great fun playing it and heartily recommend people pick it up, it is a bargain. As I said, don’t be surprised if you don’t always find people to play with, it is worth it though.

Verdict – Headshot

Platforms Available/Reviewed – PC

Verdict based on a purchased Steam copy. Please read this page for more on our scoring policy.

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