Half-Life: Dreamcast – Mod Release

Half-Life: Dreamcast – Mod Release

Half-Life: Dreamcast – PC Port Trailer – Mod DB

We don’t often look at the modding scene here at Reticule towers, but when something as obscure as a Half-Life: Dreamcast mod shows up as just being released, my attention is most certainly caught. The mod, developed by three man team of Revenant100, Barnz and Besli turns Gearbox Software’s unreleased Dreamcast version of the PC classic into a playable version on the PC. Hit the jump for more details

According to the mod team, the Dreamcast version featured some major level changes with various redesigns and new rooms. More than this, a whole level was cut from the game. The Dreamcast version also saw a bunch of unique models that weren’t seen in either the PC or PS2 versions of Half-Life and of course, the difficulty was tweaked to make things easier for play with a control pad. While it may not add anything new to the universe, it might be worth checking out for any Dreamcast fans. Go here for download links and more info.

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  1. Heh, I actually have the beta rom of the Dreamcast game burned to a disk that runs fine on my Dreamcast, so I HAVE played it :D! and yes, I do own the PC game

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