Hardcore Football Sim, Behold the Kickmen Goes Dystopian

Hardcore Football Sim, Behold the Kickmen Goes Dystopian

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a hardcore football simulator coming out in the nebulous “soon”, and it goes by the name Behold the Kickmen. I even interviewed the developer, Dan Marshall back in the summer when all things were bright and beautiful. It’s something of a shock then to see that Dan is including a new mode in Kickmen which betrays the ultra-hardcore, extremely realistic simulation style of the game. The new mode – Dystopian Future BloodSport Mode.

Well, I think we all know Dan isn’t actually making a serious football simulator, but the new mode does look set to offer those who don’t actually like football an opportunity to vent their frustrations over the fact that they have, in fact, bought a football game. The Dystopian Future BloodSport Mode plays out in exactly the same way the “normal” mode with the same rules applying in matches, and the same story mode to follow. The difference is that it takes a Speedball approach to football rather than the Sensible Soccer approach. In the Dystopian Future BloodSport Mode, you can expect:

  • More blood
  • More metal
  • More grunting

In the video revealing the new mode, Dan reveals that the game is getting ever closer to release and he is in the finishing straight with the goal at his mercy, just a few Dystopian enemies like so-called “balancing” to overcome first. If you want to know more about the game, check out Dan’s most recent developer blog.

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