HARDWARE Shipbreakers – Debut Gameplay Trailer

HARDWARE Shipbreakers – Debut Gameplay Trailer

Call me crazy (please do), but something about the new gameplay trailer for HARDWARE Shipbreakers reminded me of that classic FPS/RTS mash-up Battlezone. Something about not being set on Earth, the sounds of the radar and the voice overs made me think of the unique game. Back on track, after last weeks teaser trailer, this new video features some in-game footage with the UI and a little bit of action between some funky flying units and a squad of vehicles led by that massive Baserunner truck from last week. Check the video out after the break.

The trailer is called ‘First Contact’ and has been designed to be our first contact with the game proper. I loved the concept art that was revealed last week, and the team at Blackbird Interactive have certainly done a good job of matching the concept art with what we see in-game. If that free control camera makes it into the game as well, I might just be heaven. Worth remembering that this is going to be a free-to-play game then. But if you want guaranteed Beta access, you need to part with $99. Ouch! Otherwise head here to register interest in the Beta.

Odd that it didn’t remind me of Homeworld…but then I only briefly played them when they came out. Blackbird have a lot to live up to with that series in their heritage.

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