Hearts of Iron IV – Tanks!

Hearts of Iron IV – Tanks!

I’ve dabbled with Hearts of Iron in the past, but in recent years, I’ve leaned ever more closer towards Crusader Kings II and Europa Universalis IV as they tend to offer more room for creating your own in-game stories. What Hearts of Iron offers though, is the chance to shape modern history, a particular interest of mine thanks to studying the modern era extensively during school, college and university. And so, I bring you the latest developer blog from Paradox Interactive for Hearts of Iron IV.

This video blog sees members of the Paradox crew explore the Arsenalen museum in Sweden while talking about the game. In short, you can expect tanks galore in this video.

Some of my key take aways from the video:

    • The Spanish Civil War will play a key part in the build up to war – send your troops their to gain experience and build up relationships with potential allies at a later date
      The Soviet T-34 tank was formidable, but not built to last, it relied on mass production – how will you cope with moving your factories to match the German assault?
      The Sherman tank was awesome, but was quickly out dated compared to German efforts – the Allied tech-tree is shown off in the trailer and looks pretty neat

      Quality v Quantity will be a big choice in the game – many Sherman’s against fewer, but more powerful, Panzer’s…what route will you choose?
      Managing your resources like Tungsten, Chromium and Oil to ensure your supply chains can keep up with demand will be essential
      The campaign map looks gorgeous

  • And now, check out the video yourself:

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