Hell is in the Hacking: Diablo 3 Woes Continue

Hell is in the Hacking: Diablo 3 Woes Continue

After a number of server outages and sporadic connection issues faced by players of Blizzard’s click-and-kill opus Diablo 3, a new monster has raised it’s ugly head – the hacker.

Over the past few days, Blizzard’s forums have been swamped by players claiming to have lost gold, items and characters. Even more worryingly, a number of those affected are claiming to have an authenticator attached to their accounts – a security measure that hypothetically renders an account unhackable by any normal means.  A number of theories are circulating on how hackers could have gained access to so many accounts in such a short time. Blizzard, however, put it down to simple timing.

“Historically, the release of a new game — such as a World of Warcraft expansion — will result in an increase in reports of individual account compromises, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing now with Diablo III.” – although this does little to sway the general opinion on the official forums that there could be an exploit or other faucet of the game’s net-code that isn’t quite as secure as Blizzard think. There have been a few (non-confirmed) reports of certain characters names coming up amongst the affected players “recently played with” lists frequently.

Despite these claims, Blizzard are remaining adamant that their own servers are secure, and are urging players to be wary of unofficial e-mails and sites asking for log-in details. An official response to the current spate of compromised accounts has been posted on the official Diablo 3 forums here.

If you are one of the unfortunate victims of account theft, or are simply worried you may be next, Blizzard have set up an Account Security help-page, with helpful tips and ways to make your account (and your loot) safer. You can find that here. Failing that, or if you are of the paranoid persuasion, you could always just stick to the single-player mode until things get straightened out.

The saga continues.

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