HERO Unit – A Mobile Game

HERO Unit – A Mobile Game

Yes, you read that title correctly, I’m writing about a mobile game! This one has caught my eye though, going by the name HERO Unit you are put into the shoes of a 911 responder, tasked with making life or death decisions, or even just helping a kid get ready for Santa to visit. 

I’ve played through the 11 calls that are currently available in the game, and there is some powerful stuff to deal with. Some storylines might cut close to the bone for some people, with issues of domestic abuse arising, but the game does a good job of making you think about how you will react to different situations and certainly makes you realise how stressful the job of an emergency call handler must be.

Most of the calls you deal with have multiple endings available, with a potential for over 80 different endings to find. Newspaper reports are on hand to offer you an insight into how your actions have affected the situation. The majority of calls lead to a police response, and it feels like more balance would be needed for any future stories with calls requiring medical of fire assistance offering a greater variety to the type of calls you can receive.

It’s a small game, one that you won’t spend hours on end playing, but it’s packed with impactful experiences. Check out the official site for more details.

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