HEVN – New Teaser Trailer

HEVN – New Teaser Trailer

I first took a look at upcoming immersive sci-fi sim HEVN back in December at part of the #FiveForFive series which included a hands-on preview and Q&A with Larry Johnson and Mat Matthews from developers, Miga. Right now we have a new teaser trailer for this game that is inspired by luminaries like System Shock and Deus Ex.

As a refresher, HEVN is set in 2128 where protagonist, Sebastian Mar, eager to escape a hor, overcrowded and divided Earth signs up for a deep space mining mission.

Working for Nomoni Inc on the planet Naic, Sebastian is helped by robots and a central AI system while his colleagues are in deep sleep between work patterns.

Developers Larry and Mat offered up some choice quotes to accompany the press relese showing off the new teaser trailer.

Larry commented “We really wanted to make something that feels cinematic, has an open style of gameplay, and has a human story to connect with.” While Mat had the following insights:

“We wanted to make a unique first-person game that throws the player into a dangerous, story-rich experience with only a few ways out. Although at times the player may be faced with combat situations, we’re weaving in a deep story, rich with conflict, mystery and adventure.”

It might be rough around the edges visually, but it is important to remember HEVN is coming from a small studio where AAA-level visuals just aren’t possible. Based on my time with the game though, the atmosphere more than makes up for any rough corners.

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