Hitman: Blood Money Free To Play(ish) in a Browser

Hitman: Blood Money Free To Play(ish) in a Browser

In an interesting turn of events, Square-Enix have today announced that Hitman: Blood Money is now free to play in a web browser using their Core Online service which is currently in beta. The catch, there always is one, is that you have to watch adverts to get free game time. Your first 10 minutes is free, then you have to view an ad to get another 10 minutes of game-time. The game runs in HD and full screen is available, the image above is from a game I just started using Chrome.

After my first 10 minutes a message informed me that I would have to choose an ad to watch to get my next session, the choice didn’t appear and I was free to carry on playing. Bizarre, but to avoid the hassle I could unlock a level for $0.49 or buy the full game, ad free for $4.99. It is an interesting idea, and the game certainly played very smoothly, but I wonder how things would play out for a newer release and what image quality people would get for the latest titles from Square-Enix. Lara Croft: The Guardian of Light is coming soon to the service and Mini Ninjas is already on it. An interesting idea from the company, it is something I will be keeping an eye on.

One thought on “Hitman: Blood Money Free To Play(ish) in a Browser

  1. Wait, I thought Sony had patented this form of in-game ads. Regardless, I like the concept if it is used properly. It gives users more purchasing options. Personally, I don’t think I’d use the ad-supported version though, I couldn’t stand the flow of the game being interrupted every ten minutes.

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