Hitman – Locations We’d Like To See

Hitman – Locations We’d Like To See

With the recent release of Hitman 3 and IO Interactive’s acquisition of the James Bond licence, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing any further adventures from everyone’s favourite barcode-ready assassin in the near future. Although it might be nice for Agent 47 to have a holiday – god knows he’s earned it – I can’t help but feel that there’s a world of locations that the hitter of men has missed out on.

Here’s a brief list of locations we never got to see. Maybe next time 47…

Luxury Yacht (Nick)

The tutorial mission in Hitman gave us a small look at what a mission aboard a luxury yacht would be like, but I wasn’t a particular fan of the fact that the whole thing was made of plywood. I want to head out on a luxury cruise and watch the world go by. Let me dress up as the crew and pitch people over the side to a crowd of circling sharks, or let me recreate the ending of Taken where Liam Neeson gets a little bit angry on a yacht.


Museum (Nick)

With just the right amount of public space and high security private collections, a museum is an excellent location for a Hitman level. The art team would be a little busy for a while making thousands of unique assets for a single level, but I’d be happy and that’s the main thing. For your assassination there’s either the subtle approach of a knife, perhaps acquired from an exhibit of ancient weaponry, or if you want to go out with a bang then just drop a full-sized whale skeleton on your target’s head.

Movie And Comic Convention (Nick)

Agent 47 has always been up for a bit of cos-play, having long ago perfected the art of changing costumes down to mere seconds. Where better for him to show off his abilities than a large convention centre packed with ridiculous costumes and replica weaponry? Kill your target with a sabotaged stage prop or alternatively just wait in a queue for an hour to get their autograph then jam your pen in their eye socket.

The Orient Express (Nick)

The final level of Hitman 3 demonstrated that the Glacier engine is quite capable of supporting a train level, but rather disappointingly they forgot to put anything interesting inside of it. Where we could have had a unique take on the expected Hitman format, instead we got a linear corridor with little motivation for repeated play.

The Orient Express, made famous in part by Agatha Christie’s novel, is a train journey that allows the wealthy to experience the wonders of public transportation without having to meet the poor or abandon the trappings of wealth. Crammed from nose to tail with luxury and arrogant rich people, I can’t think of many places I’d rather be slipping poison into meals or just hurling people from the side of. Stick a unusually moustached Belgian detective in there and I think we have a winner.

Cardiff Castle (Chris)

The legendary Sapienza level demonstrated what IO Interactive could do when creating a level with a large area for Agent 47 to simply explore in peace, cosplaying as a waiter and otherwise enjoying the Italian countryside before venturing into the dragon’s den. Setting a level in Cardiff would offer similar options, with the Castle being the heart of the mission but the beautiful surroundings of the town centre offering plenty of opportunities to find mission stories. The castle itself could be host to a concert, luxury wedding or just a regular tourist day, but rest assured it would be a gorgeous setting.

Cardiff Castle from Bute Park
The Castle from the surrounding fields. Photo from the official Castle site.

What about you? Are there any exotic or mundane locations you’d like to see in the next instalment? Comment below, catch us on Twitter or just open your window and shout your ideas into the street.

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