Hitman’s Gonna Hit – Absolution’s ‘The Kill’ Trailer

Hitman’s Gonna Hit – Absolution’s ‘The Kill’ Trailer

After the in(s)anity of Hitman: Absolution‘s latex-clad-nuns-slaughtering first trailer, perhaps it is time to give Agent 47 another chance? In The Kill, our favourite bald assassin shows off the tricks of the trade, right after the jump.

[youtube id=”iP6sMgfiTTs” width=”600″ height=”350″]

So that’s some sneaky-chokey-secret-poisony reminiscent of classic poisonings and ‘accidental’ deaths of old followed by *sigh* tossing explosives around and successfully taking on multiple gunmen in open terrain. Overall, 47 is looking closer to the silent assassin we remember but, as a popular YouTube comment requests, I think it is going to take a proper demo to reassure the fans that Absolution isn’t closer to Sleeping Dogs than Blood Money.

Absolution is coming out on PC, 360 and PS3 worldwide on November 20th.

One thought on “Hitman’s Gonna Hit – Absolution’s ‘The Kill’ Trailer

  1. I’ve not played as 47 since Hitman 2 but this looks like it could be a pre-order for me now. The recent spate of videos they have released has kind of calmed my initial reaction to what I thought this game was going to be.

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