Hulks In Space! – Space Hulk Has Returned From The Void

Hulks In Space! – Space Hulk Has Returned From The Void

There’s been a lot of exciting news oozing from this year’s GDC, but for me, one of the most cheer-inducing has been the unveiling of Full Control Studios’ Space Hulk.

Based on the classic Games Workshop franchise, you’ll be taking command of a small squad of Terminators on a series of often near-suicidal missions aboard derelict spacecraft. Opposing your little team are hundreds upon hundreds of genestealers; freakishly strong and fast aliens from your darkest nightmares.

Sounds like a party.

Full Control Studios are aiming for a direct conversion of the classic boardgame. Space Hulk is a series that has languished unloved at the bottom of GW’s IP bucket for a considerable time, but given the popularity of XCOM’s turn-based shennanigans, I’d be very surprised if this one doesn’t do very well indeed.

(Very) early gameplay footage is below.

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