I Bought a House and Ford Transit Van for £250k. What Even Is Forza Horizon 4?

I Bought a House and Ford Transit Van for £250k. What Even Is Forza Horizon 4?

What even is Forza Horizon 4? Is it a racing game, a virtual car collector’s dream, or a property management game? I’m not entirely sure.

Well, we all know that it really is a racing game, and it seems to be a damn fine one. I’ve only just started to get my claws into it after picking up a one month subscription to Xbox Game Pass for a bargainous £1! Sadly, without an Xbox One, the range of available games is pretty limited, but a month of Forza Horizon 4 for only a quid? Bargain.

The best thing that has happened in my first hour or so with this wonderful jaunt around a virtualised Scotland/North England is that I was able to:

a) Buy a house

b) Buy a Ford Transit van

c) Win a race with said van

Winning in a Transit. No better feeling.

It’s quite ludicrous how much money, and how many cars, Horizon seems to throw at you (Oli Welsh breaks this down really well on Eurogamer), but the fact that I was able to buy a house for £200,000, and the van for a bargain £50,000 filled me with a warm, fuzzy feeling deep inside.

I’m already falling in love with this game, it all feels so real. The road look real, Edinburgh looks real, the street signs look real. I’m in heaven.

My only wish? That we could transplant Euro Truck Simulator 2 into the Horizon 4 map. That would be so sweet.

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