IGF 2011 Entrants Listed

IGF 2011 Entrants Listed

It is that time of the year again where the list of entries to the IGF Main Competition are revealed for all and sundry to see. This year there has been 391 entries, a rise of 30% from last year which was in turn a 35% jump on the previous year.

Interestingly included in the 391 entries are 150 based on mobile hardware like the iPhone, DS and Android devices, so when you browse the list bear in mind that they aren’t all PC entries.

Some big names are on the list, Amnesia: Dark Descent is in there as well as a game from Cactus and 2009 Grand Prize winner Erik Svedang. Many gems have come to the fore thanks to the IGF with World of Goo being one such game that is close to my heart.

Over the next few months we here at The Reticule will endeavour to cover as many of these games as we can be it in just a handful of words or larger more detailed pieces. Is anyone else excited about what gems may turn up in this years IGF?

One thought on “IGF 2011 Entrants Listed

  1. I am! And still waiting for some indies tittles from last IGF edition to be released. Some of them like Vessels look like funny ones. Guess they are scheduled for next months. (they, sorry. Can

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