Impulsive Braid

Impulsive Braid


The smash Xbox Live Arcade hit Braid finally has a PC release date, on the 31st March you will be able to purchase Braid on Impulse, the digital distribution service from Stardock. It is available for pre-order right now for $19.95.

An image from Braid

I am looking forward to finally seeing Braid on the PC, by all accounts it was a big hit on the 360 and was seen by many as being one of the top indie games of the year alongside World of Goo. I am really looking forward to this game, and being on Impulse will do it no harm at all.

One thought on “Impulsive Braid

  1. Excellent news! I doubt I’ll be getting it straight away given my uni work and other games (*cough*Empire*cough*) but I’ll certainly be getting it at some point.

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