Independent Games Festival Competition Finalists Announced

Independent Games Festival Competition Finalists Announced

The competition finalists for the 15th Annual Independent Games Festival Awards have been revealed with a group of stellar names appearing across all the categories, especially the Grand Prize. Award winners will be announced March 27th during the Game Developers Conference, all the games up for awards will be playable during GDC on the showfloor and will also appear during the Independent Games Summit taking place in the days before the GDC kicks off.

Of the finalists for the Grand Prize, we have already played three of them extensively and delivered our Verdicts, each of which received very positive scores. Faster than Light and Little Inferno both received Head Shots, while Hotline Miami received our ultimate accolade, the Red Mist Verdict.

Of the other two Grand Prize finalists one is Kentucky Route Zero, an adventure game about folk travelling through caves in Kentucky. Cart Life is the other finalist, it is a retail simulator of street vendors in a city on the west coast of the United States.

There are many great titles up for the various awards, and I heartily recommend you check out the full list to see what you might have missed out on in recent months.

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