Interview Madness!

Interview Madness!


There’s plenty of interesting interviews out on that there intertube today, so rather than individually examine them all, I thought I’d collate them for your viewing pleasure.

First up, there’s a highly interesting interview with Paul Wedgewood of Splash Damage fame (Enemy Territory) over on . I found his points about review scores particularly interesting. I really don’t feel personally that scores are truly reflective of games these days. You simply cannot put into quantified terms whether World of Goo is better than Fallout 3 for example. They’re both great. Both great value for money. And entirely different games. If I was to give them both “94%”, just what does that mean? My fun banks were filled to 94% playing them? I know I keep harping on about my disdain for percentages, or even “marks out of 10” (since the latter is more or less a percentage rounded up), but honestly, when you see developers losing money, or even jobs because their percentages weren’t up on metacritic, it really does get on my nerves.

There’s a fan-question interview on  gamespy here about the new Fallout 3 DLC. I predict this will prove even more divisive than the game itself. Looks nifty though.

Our chums at Rock Paper Shotgun have done an excellent interview with Vic Davis, the Baron of the Underworld himself and developer of the excellent Armageddon Empires and the in-development Solium Infernum.  For those who’ve not been around that long, we also interviewed Vic a little while back here.

A few questions here about Dawn of War II on their community site.

Charge Shot!!! have done an interview with Dylan Fitterer of Audiosurf fame. It’s a nice read.

Not really an interview, but a nice piece on CVG here about the Bioware CEO’s opinions on the market. Given the numerous company lay-off news articles I’ve read today, it’s nice to see some optimism.

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