Introducing Five For Five

Introducing Five For Five

We’re trying something out on The Reticule over the next few weeks, whether doing it in the run up to Christmas is a good idea, I don’t know, but it should be interesting. Over the next five weeks, you can expect to see five upcoming indie games featured on the site, complete with short Q&As consisting of five questions and hands-on impressions. First up will be noir adventure game, Detective Gallo.

Our first piece, a Q&A with the team behind Detective Gallo will be appearing on Tuesday 29th November. Gallo comes from Italian developers FootPrints and features a multiple plant homicide. I’ve started to check out the demo, and look forward to bringing you more details in the coming days.

Detective Gallo

After talking about Detective Gallo, in an order to be decided, will be hosting Q&As and playing the following:





The Piano



It will be a bit of an adventure as the next few weeks go along, but I’m looking forward to how it goes. Expect Q&As to appear on Tuesday’s, and hands-on impressions on Wednesday’s. I hope you enjoy the ride.

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