Kane 4 Ever?

Kane 4 Ever?

Command & Conquer 4 mockup logo

Usually the C&C news would fall to Chris, but as he doesn’t seem to be around right now it falls to me to tell you that Joystiq are reporting on a Twiccup (I’m totally coining that phrase) from the EA UK PR Twitter account. In the mistaken tweet, whomever was responsible accidentally let slip a link to a confirmation of Command And Conquer 4 development being underway at EA LA. Unfortunately the press release is not there yet and the tweet itself has been removed. No other information has yet been forthcoming from EA, but it being called C&C4 points towards the latest title being a return to the Tiberium soaked fields of the GDI Vs Nod conflict. Rest assured Chris will have more as soon as he hears it. (Because passing responsibility is fun.)

Feel free to add your own naming guesses/subtitles/naming puns in the comments below.

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