Kickmen developers tease Unnamed Dinosaur Game

Kickmen developers tease Unnamed Dinosaur Game

Dan Marshall of Size Five Games, developers of such greats as The Swindle, Lair of the Clockwork God and Behold the Kickmen has today teased a new game from the two-man team. It features a dinosaur, is dystopian, and like all Size Five Games will be set in the same Dan and Ben universe of their other games.

It’s currently entitled Unnamed Dinosaur Game which is so endearing, and you can keep your eye on progress over on the Size Five Discord channel. For those afraid a dinosaur might attack if they venture into Discord, it’s worth knowing that the dino game will be set in a procedurally-generated gameshow where your goal (as the dinosaur) is to escape. After 13 episodes of the gameshow, a new season will start where the levels rejigged and new biomes will appear, all the while Mr Dinosaur will be able to acquire upgrades that will persist between epsidoes of the show.

Oh and you will be able to eat the humans.

It’s definitely a Size Five kind of game then. Follow Dan on Twitter for more entertaining updates.

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